Top 10 Franchises to own during Covid-19 in 2020

Written by harsha sheelam

Aug 12, 2020

Read the Top 10 best Franchises to own during Covid-19 in 2020

India is a diverse country in every way. Although, the large resource potential in the nation is untapped and needs to be assessed, captured, and monetized. Speaking of the franchise model. Firstly, a franchise business is different from other businesses. Secondly, the said owner receives the plans, procedures, processes, training, and more to run the franchise just like the original company. As a result, it sounds easy? Doesn’t it? But, is it easy to do? Let’s see!

To begin with, a proprietor needs to have all the capabilities to keep the franchise company running in the area. Likewise, he/she also has to face competition from the other franchises of the same brand. As a rule, Byrut suggests that while making such an investment it is essential to ensure the franchise is the same but ‘different’. Hence, you may ask us how to make your franchise different!

In addition, we also ensure that same brand franchises do not exist in the area, district, state or union territory. Furthermore, competition is very large and evolving. In short, the best a franchise entrepreneur can do is find an area where there are zero franchisees of the same brand. By the way, a feeble investment is never suggested by us.



Let’s take a look at a potential franchise list for you to own.

1. Lenskart Franchise

Founded in 2010
Investment required: INR Rs.30-35 Lakhs
Space required: 300-500 sq ft.
Website: Here.

Lenskart is an Indian company. The famous eyewear chain has 500 stores in the country as of 2019. In other words, it has expanded to 70 cities in only 9 years. Earlier in 2019, the total revenue of the company was at 486.26 crores. Soon, the company was valued at 3000 crores when Wipro chairman, Azim Premji invested 400 crores in the optical giant.

2. H Mart Franchise

Founded in: 2015
Investment required: INR Rs.10-20 lakhs
Space Required: 200-3000 sq ft.
Website: Here.

In this paragraph, we speak of H mart which makes grocery shopping easy by bringing the groceries to the doorstep. Above all, it creates a unique shopping experience for all items under one roof. Particularly, H mart is partnered with leading FMCG brands. For instance, the segments they cater to are groceries, dairy, frozen foods, fresh vegetables and fruits, fashion wear, furniture, kids products, and more.


3. Domino’s Pizza

Franchise commencement: 1967
Investment required: INR Rs. 89 lakhs – 3 crores
Website: Here.

A food business never goes to waste. Additionally, the food industry is by far the most lucrative. Also, Indian consumers proudly tag themselves as #foodies. Moreover, Domino’s has several franchises all across India and consumers are aware of the brand. In addition to this, it has been in the franchise business for so long. In brief, Domino’s is well-versed with its practices. Overall, it runs smoothly.


Founded in 1988
Investment required: INR 30-50 lakhs
Space required: 1000-2000 sq ft
Website: Here.

Biba is an ethnic wear brand started by Mrs Meena Bindra. Furthermore, it is available across the country in 300+ stores and it definitely the most preferred clothing for festive occasions. Subsequently, it has been awarded “Most Admired Women’s Indian Wear Brand.” Therefore, Biba is the most sought after brand for Indian clothing and on several occasions won the customers’ hearts with innovative designs.

5. EuroKids Franchise

Founded in 2001
Investment required: INR Rs.10-12 lakhs
Space required: 150-250 sq ft.

EuroKids is a pre-school educational chain. Firstly, it has 1000+ centres in the country. Secondly, it has a modern curriculum which is unique and very well required in today’s generation. Thirdly, they focus on the holistic development of children. Fourthly, their teaching impacts the mind, body, and soul for a 360-degree development of kids. Lastly, they provide infrastructure, ambience design, equipment, teaching aids, curriculum, teacher training, support, and more.

6. Belgian Waffle Franchise

Founded in: 2014
Investment required: INR Rs.5-10 lakhs
Space required: 80 sq ft.

Next up, Belgian Waffle specializes in waffles, mini pancakes, and milkshakes. Likewise, the food & beverage company has 22 outlets in the country. Importantly, they have different flavours, types, fillings, toppings, syrups, and more. As a result, it has become very popular among the young generation because of the delicious waffles it serves. To summarize, Byrut guarantees that the recipe is unlike any other, it is different and unique in its own way.


Founded in: 1990
Investment required: INR Rs.50000- 2 lakhs
Space required: 250 sq ft.

DTDC franchise falls under the express industry. Particularly, it is formally known as DTDC Courier and Cargo Ltd. Uniquely, it has 5800 channel partners and over 1000+ centres in the country. Certainly, is the fastest-growing franchise in India. On the other hand, it’s unique business model requires the least amount of investment and hence is the most sought after.

8. Tupperware Franchise

Founded in: 1996
Investment Required: INR Rs.10-20 lakhs
Space Required: 400-600 sq ft.

Tupperware, also known as Tupperware Brands Corporation is the global manufacturer of premium and creative products. With this in mind, Tupperware kitchenware became popular because of the eco-friendly plastic used in the manufacturing of Tupperware products such as bottles, boxes, and others.

9. MAX Lab

Founded in: 2016
Investment required: INR Rs.2-5 lakhs
Space required: 150-200 sq ft

MAX Lab is a pathology division of Max Healthcare Institute Limited. In fact, it has 21 labs across the country. In conclusion, it is the fastest-growing franchise in the country and operated in 5 states currently.

10. Mahindra First Choice

Founded in 2007
Investment required: INR 50 lakhs – 10 crores
Space required: 5000 – 10000 sq. ft

The ‘any car service’ brand Mahindra First Choice. Accordingly, stakeholders of the automobile industry need to leverage this franchise model.

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Top 10 best franchises to own during Covid-19 in 2020
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Top 10 best franchises to own during Covid-19 in 2020
Franchise business is different from other businesses. Byrut suggests that while making a franchise investment it is essential to ensure the franchise is the same but ‘different’
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